Project 365

Project 365/Day10

Todays picture is of my smoothie I made with Brenda tonight. I have had the smoothie machine for nearly 2 years, and only used it 3 times. But last night and tonight after supper, Brenda and I have been making smoothies. Now we justhave to find an easy way to clean it up!100_1824-600-x-450


Project 365/Day 9

This is a picture of the African Violet I bought to go on my new desk at work.100_1823-600-x-450

Project 365/Day 8

Took an emergency photo this morning of the Parmalat sign at the factory shot, and it is a good thing I did because it is the only one I took! I have been wanting to go there for ages, but never got arond to it till today. Despite being told it was easy to find we drove around for ages until we found it, so here is the sign.100_1811-600-x-450

Project 365/Day 7

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday, so todays post is my new books for that!Day 7

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Project 365/Day 6

Todays picture is taken in the Valley of 1000 hills, which is about 45 minutes from here. We went and had lunch at a restaurant and then a drive around there to celebrate Brendas birthday, had to leave just after this as the mist was coming down pretty quickly and now we are having a bit storm! This is my daughter Brenda with my dad.100_1796_edited-1-600-x-4501

Day 5 is Baby Bop. We got Baby Bop when Brenda was learning to walk, so they have grown up together. She sits in teh computer room with me in the evenings too. She is not actually a puppy, just looks that way.100_1781-600-x-450

Todays photo is of our cat Buddy. I had not taken a photo yet, had a bit of a stressful day today. So when he came nagging me for food in the evening, which he does every night I decided to take one of him. This is definitely our little nightly ritual.  He comes and sits on my keyboard until eventually I give in and give him extra food.100_1776-600-x-450


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  • Debbieh: Wow!! Haven't seen one of these for ages!! Mum used to have loads on her windowsill!! Might have to buy myself one for my kitchen window sill!!
  • Chrissy: Gorgeous! I love african violets.
  • { Emma }: Awww she's so cute.