Project 365

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Cant upload todays because my camera batteries are flat!


I havent disapeared, but my parents have been away so I have been looking after house, dogs etc, plus been back at work and Brenda back at school. It should start to settle down now. I will upload all the missed days as I have been taking photos. May get them a bit mixed up though!100_1850-600-x-450100_1852-450-x-600100_1854-600-x-450leo-600-x-450100_1856-600-x-450

Day 17 is Brenda asleep on the bed, although shortly after this she woke up lol. Little Monkey. Second one is her pretending to be fierce and mean for a challenge on UKS.

I have not had a chance to upload the last few days, so here they are all in one post. First one is Day 13, my desk at work. It was my second day at work, and already it is messy.Day 13Day 14 was a spider we found on our wall, you can actually see the eyes i you look close enough.Day 14Day 15 was my new little cabinet that I bought for all my pens, paints, glitter glue etc.Day15Day 16 was the biggest of my Aubergine plants. We planted them in October and they really suffered in the heat, but now 3 of them are doing better with some TLC.100_1840

Project 365/ Day12

I left my camera at work today (or I hope so anyway), so here is one taken of my daugher this evening using my phone.12012009066-450-x-600

Project 365/Day 11

I spent a good portion of today labelling Brendas stationery for school. The crayons all seemed to have such gorgeous colours, so I spent time taking pictures. This is my favourite.100_1832-600-x-450


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  • Debbieh: Wow!! Haven't seen one of these for ages!! Mum used to have loads on her windowsill!! Might have to buy myself one for my kitchen window sill!!
  • Chrissy: Gorgeous! I love african violets.
  • { Emma }: Awww she's so cute.